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1) Stuttering : Yamaguchi Tadashi/Reader2) HI-NO-TA : no ships3) nice recieve : KAGEHINA LEMON4) Teddy bear : Asahi Lemon5) Hinata X Tsukki X Yamaguchi6) Daddy : Daichi lemon7) kags fucked up : A! Foreign affection [Kozume Kenma]The morning wind was blowing strong, a little too cold for the pudding-head boy to handle. The trees out here looked like they were witting, and it was such a shame.

Naruto was going to ask his beautiful and wonderful Hinata to marry him and tradition states he needed to ask the father permission before he proposed.I may add more stories like diffrent pairings idk but for now chapter one: Yams x Tsukki x Hinata- Hinata belongs to them, aka Hinata is busy with others they jealous.chapter two: Tsukki x Hinata- Kei killed the sunchapter three: Yams x Hinata- Cinnamon love Hinata Shouyou is a first year in Karasuno High School aiming to be the ace in his volleyball club. haikyuutscenarios.Thank you for your patience guys, it was just inconvienent to use AO3 when getting requests. The voice was too loud, too light-hearted and too innocent to be Tsukishima’s. And now he is struck with guilt for forgetting it in the first place. Based on the French supernatural drama, Les Revenants.He aims to win Interhigh with his hardworking team, but it's kind of hard when every opponent he meets starts falling in love with him. “I think Tanaka-san is touching himself in the bathroom.” stated Hinata, closing the door of the second years' room.“I can get why he does, I haven't masturbated in days...” complained Kageyama.---Who has the best dick of all the second years? Prompt: What if your loved ones came back from the dead, alive and normal with no memory of their death?Naruto and Hinata have to face a new set of trails before they can tie the knot. Chapter 1: The blessings Naruto was sweating bullets and he stood just outside the Hyuuga compound.He has been here before but the estate just look so intimidating for some reason. Inside was Hinata's father, Hiashi Hyuuga, one of the strictest and most stoic men in the entire village.

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