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Use of Remoting has reduced recently, and most of the requirements are now handled through loose coupling using WCF etc. NET Core is, let us spend some time on the architecture of . There are some key aspects that you can decipher from the architecture. NET Core follows the Nu Get model for delivery of packages for BCL.

So Remoting is more or less a forgotten technology, and hence has not made it to . The runtimes shown in Figure 2 will be serving the following purposes: 1) Core CLR is the runtime that is optimized for multi-platform and cloud base deployments. NET Native (also referred as MRT – Managed Runtime – at times) is the CLR for Universal Apps and is optimized to run on any device and platform natively, which runs Windows.

rem ************************************************************* set _BDSDIR_=C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS.0\Bin path %_BDSDIR_%;%PATH% rem ************************************************************* rem ** Cater for the fact that paths with spaces can't be passed rem ** in from the Tools menu rem ************************************************************* SHIFT SHIFT : LOOP IF "%1" == "" GOTO END set _PROJECTDIR_=%_PROJECTDIR_% %1 SHIFT GOTO LOOP : END cd %_PROJECTDIR_% del *.dc? It also handles project paths that may contain spaces, as this information cannot currently be passed in as one parameter from the built-in macros available when configuring an item on the IDE tools menu. API in the uses regionit works great in the IDE since i have access to all the property and methods of the Terminal.

il %_DCCILPATH_% "%_PROJECTDIR_%%_PROJECTNAME_%" -u%_CFUNITS_% -lu System. Once this batch file has been created, we can configure the IDE so it can be invoked for the current project from the Tools menu. and the compilation is ok in the problem is with the Dccil Compact Framework with the following message : Borland Delphi for .

7) Command-line: This is something new and interesting. NET Core comes with a lot of command-line tools such as “donet.exe” and so on for performing various tasks. NET Core, or will have a toned-down version of it included in future versions, or may eventually become an optional component. 3) Remoting was more of a requirement to handle the architectures that had remote object invocation requirements. NET Portability Analyzer will come in handy to determine if an assembly is available or not, and recommend a workaround.

It also suffered from issues like performance and tight-coupling to an extent. However binary serialization wouldn’t be a part of . 5) Sandboxing is another feature that is not considered as a first class citizen of new . Now that we have a fair idea and background of what . NET Core is evolving, there could be some changes to this architecture in the future.

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This isn’t always possible, so there are several instances where a Not Implemented Exception is thrown, but when a NIE can be avoided by omitting the member, the member is omitted. NET and run under Mono, which leaves you (more) at the mercy of Not Implemented Exception’s or Missing Memember Exception.

As the preview compiler can not be invoked directly from the Delphi 2005 IDE, we will set up a batch file to assist us in compiling Compact Framework applications. Create; begin inherited Create; Initialize Component; end; procedure TMain Form. Also thanks to Marc and John Kaster for assisting with some of the technical aspects of this article.

The batch file we will use looks like this:- @echo off rem ************************************************************** rem ** Batch file to be used from the Delphi 2005 IDE Tools menu rem ** to invoke the Compact Framework Preview compiler. And of course, thanks to Seppy Bloom, Danny Thorpe, Tagawa-san, and all the other R & D engineers who made this article possible in the first place by creating the preview compiler.

NET MVC), RIA (Silverlight), Windows Phone development, and the latest, Windows Store Apps. Here are some key considerations for the thought process behind . NET Framework ended up having many flavors to cater to the changes in the application delivery platforms (desktop, web, mobile apps, RIA - Silverlight), as well as cater to the Windows ecosystem changes (Windows App Store, Universal Windows Platform). By design, quite a lot of features are bundled into mscorlib itself. So it would actually help to bundle only must-have features of . NET application, be it a Console, Web or a Windows application. NET Core, if you want the Console functionality, you have to explicitly use the Nu Get package. This poses a problem when it comes to upgrading the Frameworks. This is supposed to get extended further in upcoming versions of . The probable additions would be Xamarin based mobile applications, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), Windows applications etc. NET 1.0 Core, and will also support mobile/touch based development via . NET Framework) 4) Compatibility: It is fully compatible with . 5) Nu Get Support: Realizing the issues with tight-bundling of .

After its launch, Microsoft realized the need to have a smaller/compact version of the framework to run on Smartphones/PDAs that used to run Windows Phone operating systems at that time. NET Framework for various needs & purposes including web development (ASP. This was partially addressed earlier through portable class libraries (PCLs) and shared projects. NET core has now addressed this issue better, by having device specific implementations of runtimes. NET Framework is envisioned to be lean and mean, and catering to various needs; a single installation per machine with an overload of various features does not become a scalable model going forward. NET Core will take care of this aspect more effectively now. The goal is to include components that your application really needs. NET Framework, the Console class available in mscorlib was referenced by every . NET Framework gets deployed as a single entity for every machine. Here are some salient points of this framework (relates to v1.0): 1) . NET Framework codebase, and it focuses on web and mobility based services initially. NET across multiple platforms (hence the mention of Mac & Linux in Figure 1). NET Framework for consistency and reliability of various offerings of . It also uses appropriate compiler infrastructure to ensure that the coverage of languages supported is ensured. NET a community driven, open-source based Framework in the future. NET Core is based on small Nu Get packages, changes can be implemented more easily. NET Core is certainly a step towards Microsoft’s journey to make . Now that we have got an idea about the overall architecture of . NET Core has specific features, and also why it doesn’t have some of the . This gives a clear indication of how serious Microsoft is about the cross-platform commitment when it comes to . A detailed list of supported OSes can be found here. NET Core ensures that you can include it in your app as embedded runtime, or it can be used as a usual machine-wide framework too (like . NET, and combines MVC and Web API into a unified platform running on the .

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The first version of the DML trigger works well for a single-row insert when a row of data is loaded into the -- Trigger is valid for single-row inserts.